Monthly Archives: March 2014

What’s Up at the Commons

The warming temperatures, rain and turn of the season has things popping UP all over the place at the Commons. Frogs music’s turned up loud through both day and night.


peas creeping up toward the mini-B deck near the herb garden

native plantings along the W fenceline

native plants staked up along W fenceline, replacing blackberry & barbed wire


carrot canoe filled up with fresh soil, ready for worm castings then seeds


North Creek up almost as high as fall 2012 when the carrot canoe washed downstream to our shores

trellis soon to go up in the orchard

trellis soon to go up in the orchard, where there are several new trees, shrubs & berries


double rainbow up over (future) units 9-12; imagine living somewhere under a rainbow (or two)