Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the HOA dues and how does the community operate?

Our HOA dues are under $100 per month (in 2021) based on a yearly budget. The amount is adjusted every year. They cover common utilities, insurance, and other items that we put into the budget. The community operates in a fairly loose fashion – balancing privacy with community interests. All are members of the Clearwater Community Condominium Association. We discuss any new rules as a group but lean toward maintaining flexibility and relying on trust. We are happy to share our Condominium Declaration and our HOA bylaws.

What are the general costs for construction and lot prices?

Since we are no longer building new units, the cost of any that go on the market will be based on the current market and will be determined by the seller of the unit.

Commons View from the north

A view of the Clearwater Commons across the wetland.

How would I purchase a home?

Contact the seller. We can get you in touch with them.

Would I own my own lot?

Yes. We are called an “Airspace Condominium”. This means that you own the lot itself and the space around it. We can give you a copy of our condominium survey. A condominium enables us to maintain our community values. Our lots are small (approximately 2500 sq ft) but each lot faces onto greenbelts and owns a share of the full seven acres.

What are some of the nearby amenities?

We are in an area that is growing rapidly. We are fortunate to have a protected little enclave by the creek that cannot be built upon. Many of us enjoy nearby amenities such as a hiking trail into Mill Creek (with a great little town center), walking distance to shops and stores, a great wetland called North Creek park, and there is a new PCC Natural Market about two miles away. Bothell is growing and some new smart growth amenities and restaurants along with the UW Branch Campus and Cascadia College. We are in a high technology corridor so new jobs are expanding rapidly.

What’s cool about your community?

We are a diverse bunch with a wide range of interests with a ton of creative energy and talent. One of our families has a sound and media production studio on site where they produce a wide variety of projects. We’ve got a number of gardeners and landscapers who love to growing vegetables and beautiful plantings. We’ve got a pretty cool set of chickens and a beautiful yurt space. One of us is an abbot for a Zen Community and is a national consultant on mental health and public engagement.  Another works for Cray, Inc. on supercomputers, helping to model climate change impacts. We support a very innovative democratic school called The Clearwater School, our downstream neighbors to the south. Together with the school, we have developed the Clearwater Reach–a ¼ mile section of North Creek that we steward and watch over. We see ourselves as kind of an unintentional – intentional community – that we do things without a lot of form or obligations.